Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun kits for kids' everyday activities

These kits are a couple of my favorites. They were inspired by my granddaughters, Sydney and Lindsey, when they were a little bit younger. They would load up their Red Flyer wagon with stuffed animals and dolls and off they'd go. With Mommy's help they might tie the wagon to their Red Flyer tricycle. A couple of years ago the girls and their friends organized a 4th of July parade in their neighborhood. They made flags and streamers for their bicycles, wagons and scooters and rode around the neighborhood (with parents close behind).

The Patriotic Kids kit and the Let's Play 8x8 Quick Album and 6x4 Brag Book are both available at Digitals. The original Let's Play kit is exclusive to the book and CD, Picture Yourself Creating Digital Scrapbooks, which can be purchased at for only $21.89. For that price you get a book with information and instructions on digital scrapbooking AND a CD that has a bunch of kits from Lauren Bavin, Angela Cable, Doris Castle, Roberta D'Achille, Lie Fhung, Terry Maruca and ME. ;-) Not only are there about 14-5 full digital kits on the CD, but there are also fonts, plug-ins and utilities, tutorials and much more!

My wordart designs were created to match the above kits (Patriotic Kids and Let's Play), as well as some of my other kits: Big Brother Lil' Brother; Big Sister Lil' Sister; Lil' Tag-Along; and Ladybug Garden. To find the wordart kits, click here and scroll down the page just a bit

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