Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ednie's Early Risers from Glenda's My Hometown series

When Glenda created this kit, she was going name it something lame like "Early Spring." I immediately thought of Grandma Etta's neighbors. I had heard Grandma tell the story of Ed and Ednie and the tulips and thought calling it Ednie's Early Risers would be hilarious. My mom (Glenda) was trying to be classy or something because she didn't think it was "proper." With five bazillion flower kits out there, what better way to make your flower kit stand out?

Any way, here is Glenda's backstory on Ednie's Early Risers. You will never look at a tulip the same way again....

As with most small towns in America, my hometown had its share of characters. Eddie and Ednie were two such characters and were our next door neighbors. Ednie was a fastidious housekeeper. Her front porch was cleaner than most people’s houses. She could be seen out sweeping the front porch and the path leading up to her house at least once, sometimes twice a day. She was well known in our little ‘burg for her cleaning habits.

Her husband, Eddie, on the other hand, was known for other reasons. Eddie liked to take a drink every now and then. Well okay, let’s be honest. Eddie liked a drink quite often. His fondness for drinking wasn’t talked about all that much, it was just a matter of fact. I do remember one particular morning in early spring. My mother was standing at the kitchen window looking toward Ednie and Eddie’s house as the rest of us were eating. Mother said in a very nonchalant tone, “Well, lookey there, Ednie’s tulips are coming up really early this spring.” After a cold hard winter, we were all ready for any sign of coming spring. We got up to look out at the tulips we thought were just peeking through the cold ground. Instead, what we saw was Eddie rising up from the tulip bed after a night of drinking.

I never see a tulip blooming in the spring but what I think of our neighbors, Ednie and Eddie . . . real characters from my hometown. So, this kit is dedicated to them, the daffodils, the hydrangeas and especially the tulips. I hope you enjoy using the kit as much as I enjoyed making it. I love the look of an old wooden window box full of colorful flowers. The little bouquets remind me of the times my kids have picked a small bouquet for me . . . the first of the flowers to bloom in the spring . . . when you really didn’t want the kid to pick them, but you smile and say, “Why, thank you, what a beautiful bouquet! Now, let’s not pick anymore, okay?”

Click here to view Ednie's Early Risers at Digitals.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Everyday Princess quick page freebie

Glenda's newest kit, An Everyday Princess, is now available at Digitals for $3 throughout March. To entice all of you with princesses in your lives to look at this really cute kit, here are two quickpages -- one square, one rectangle. Feel free to download one or both.

Click here to see "An Everyday Princess" kit

Click here to see "An Everyday Princess Add-on" kit

Click here to find the link for the
"An Everyday Princess" free quickpages

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scrapville is on Spring Break

I am going to be gone for Spring Break, so there won't be much going on in Scrapville. We have a house sitter to take care of our kitties, but she didn't want to be the honorary mayor of Scrapville, in addition to her kitty duties.

I plan to change the header when I get back with Florida pics. I know you will be waiting on pins and needles to see it;) Anyway, I put up two polls with questions ( at left) that will help us in planning activities, specials, etc. If you have a minute or two, give us your opinion.