Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Favorite Christmas Kit (that is not my mom's:)

I bought a few Christmas kits to do my Christmas pictures...from 2004, 2005, 2006 and now 2007. Anyway, I found three really cute kits last week. I will post them as I finish a page or two with each kit. Glenda (my mom) gives me her kits to try and some of them are easier to use than others. So, ease of use is important to me. Also, price -- I don't like to pay over $6.00 for a kit. If it falls into the "I can't live without it" category, I will go higher, but that rarely happens unless I am working on a very specific project. Then, I tell my mom that she should do a kit about whatever it is I am working on, and, voila -- free kit. She falls for it every time.

This kit is Christmas Cheer by Jennifer Maceyunas, at Digitals. As I searched "Christmas" at Digitals, this kit jumped off the screen. Great colors that seem to go with all of my pics from Christmas morning. It was very easy to put together a page using her beautiful backgrounds and really cute elements. When I purchased her kit, it was on sale for $4.88, but it is normally $6.50. This is a kit, after seeing it and using it, that I would highly recommend -- even at the full price. Click here to see Jennifer's Christmas Cheer at Digitals.

Member Appreciation Gift

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Santa is a great guy

Santa is such a great guy.

He forgot to bring my five year-old Butterscotch Pony last year. Lindsey didn’t act as if she noticed it was missing from under the tree last Christmas, but, apparently, Lindsey has been keeping a list of her own. One with Santa’s errors in capital letters, highlighted and underlined.

Over the last year, not one word was uttered about Butterscotch Pony. Until December 15. A glum little voice said, “Good morning, Momma.” Momma said, “Good morning, Binz. What’s wrong?” Lindsey took a long, deep breath and began to tell of her year-long disappointment over not getting a $269 robot pony she would have ridden on Christmas day, and then shoved to the forbidden zone -- the toy room -- a place my girls never go because it is 1.) haunted 2.) Bigfoot lives there 3.) there is no momma or daddy in that room -- they are all the way downstairs and 4.) it is too messy. Momma said to Lindsey, “You haven’t even mentioned Butterscotch since last Christmas.” Lindsey said, “I forgot I was disappointed by Santa Claus.” She is good. Very good.

Life went on for about eight hours -- until Daddy got home from work, and Momma told him all about Binzer’s Big Christmas Disappointment of 2006. Santa Claus had to be made aware of his oversight, and, with the Christmas delivery cut-off date fast approaching, we had to get our message to him quickly. We jumped in our mini-van, and, with not a moment to spare, headed to the mall to get a meeting with Santa.

Lindsey waited patiently, and, then, as she and her sister approached the bearded one, she turned with a sly look and gave me a nod. The look was a bit “mafia-ish” so I was concerned she might punch him or give him some concrete boots for his “indiscretion,” but, in all of her curly-headedness, she jumped up on his lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas with only a gentle reminder that this was the second time she has asked for Butterscotch Pony and that they “may quit making them.” She left Santa's lap feeling assured that she would get her pony this year.

I told Lindsey that Butterscotch was very expensive and to not get her hopes up. “Santa doesn’t need money, he just makes it,” she said. Good point.

Customer relations seems to be Santa’s strong point, because on Christmas morning, he corrected his error from the year before. There were no forms to fill out, no waiting on hold to talk to the elf in charge of robot ponies. He just brought it. No questions asked.

“Look, Momma, Butterscotch. See Momma. I told you he would bring it. And you didn’t have to spend one cent,” Lindsey pointed out.

I was a little disappointed Lindsey didn’t seem more excited. But, then I realized she was just confident. When she walked into the room, she knew Butterscotch would be there. Santa really is a great guy.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just had a fabulous pops up in paragraph #3

Since I began scrapbooking, I have used Creative Memories albums. I like all the CM stuff, but I am not obsessive about everything being CM. As I have shifted away from paper scrapping to digital, I still use CM albums, because, in my opinion, they are the best (and if they are faulty, they replace them). I had a CM party during the summer and loved the new products. CM has branched out to custom framing (my photographs I sent off look great) and digital Storybooks.
Okay, I am ridiculously "OCD" about my scrapbook pages -- paper and digital. When I was paper scrapping, it was not uncommon for me to work on a page eight, nine hours. I am not much faster doing digital pages. So, when my consultant told me about the digital Storybooks, I thought there is no way, I, the self-proclaimed Queen of overly-detailed-scrapbook-page, the Duchess of I-would-rather-be-5-years-behind-then-do-a-simple-page, could do the Storybook. But, I thought, what the heck. Let's try it. I downloaded the free software and started working at 10:30 p.m. I was finished by 12:30 a.m. I uploaded my finished book to CM's website and received my book in a week. I had completed an entire summer in two and a half hours. I had chosen simple black pages, while accenting with only colored text and heads. My bright summer pictures popped off the black pages. Very simple, very clean, very done. I was impressed with the amount of space allowed for text. Only once did I run out of space.

I tell you all that to tell you this...At the time, I wished I could print out my digital pages I have done in the CM Storybook format, but they only offer templates with limited themes. Then, I woke up at 2 a.m. one morning with a brilliant idea. I could create my ridiculously detailed digital pages (just use the Storybook specs when creating the doc) and choose the full page picture template. I could upload my ridiculously detailed digital pages and have a Storybook with my own pages.

I have seen and been told that other companies have similar products to the CM Storybook, but I can only vouch for the CM Storybook. The paper quality, print quality, etc. is exceptional. I am very picky about the color of my pics, but CM printed my book perfectly.

Just an idea...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We have another winner...

Sherrypoptart was the winner of the book giveaway. Picture Yourself Creating Scrapbooks will be sent out to Sherry ASAP when we receive our copies.

Thanks to all Scrapvillians who attended the chat at Digitals featuring Glenda and author Sally Beachem. Those who attended got a really cute mini kit, and two earned 50% off coupons by using our "Chat Words." By innocently typing "cool" (chosen by my eight year-old)and "Photoshop", three chatters got their coupons!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

We have a winner...

Sharon "Digi" is the winer of a 75% off coupon for one of Glenda's kits at Digitals for her comment in our Comments Challenge. Keep those comments coming.

Within the next week or two, we will give another prize in our Comments Challenge. You could win a percentage off coupon, a free kit, or Glenda might, possibly, come to your house and vacuum for you. Probably a coupon or kit though. Just leave a great comment on the blog. Easy.

Also, in the next couple of weeks, we will be telling you how you can have a chance to receive a $30 gift certificate to Digitals for Glenda's stuff. Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Freebie from Glenda's MouseScraps Kits

Here is a background and tag from Glenda Ketcham's Mouse Scraps ($5.50) and Mouse Scraps Add-on ($3.50). Lost of backgrounds and elements. Useful for more than just vacation pics -- elementary school activities, parties, etc.

Click here to see both kits at Digitals.
Click here to download the freebies. The password is mouse scraps